Sunday, January 18, 2009

I love Resale Shops and flea Markets

I love these aches
not to sure yet what I'm going to do with them yet. They had three, and I got them all.
If you have idea let me know.

I'm really thinking I love this set. I want it too! lol

Me likey these big Jacks.

The inside of the old green cabinet. I really want his too! lol I don't have a place for it, so I will have to pass.

I was trying to talk Barb My mother in law in to this table.
It has clean lines, the wood is good. no real damage. needs to be sanded and cleaned up, no chairs. But I think you could pick some up here and there.
I like that it extends out to 98 inches
I have a thing for tables.
I already have to table. they need to changed out with the seasons .. lol

They had this cute little wicker set for 85. I thought that was a really good deal. again no place for this cutie....

I like ladders, been looking for one, they had two here,one was priced 7.25 and the other 12,50. But I think it's a pass on this.I'm looking for one that's a little older. How cute in a bathroom with towels on it.

Another table..

Cute little chair that could be fixed up so cute

another table I would like to fixs this up for the shop I want.

I love the lemon picture

These boxes are to cute

I love this

Really thinking about this sofa table they had 30 on it.

This 100 year old gate

I would really love to have this.

But it's 200 hundred pounds.

these are 50.00 if you buy the door

They have this for 100.00

I love this cabinet. 85.00

85.oo on this dressing table

had to have theses. lol

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